I liked this article, it gives easy ideas for romance..I suggest we keep it going. The idea in the article was great...but only one idea. Two examples of what I have done for my betterhalf in the recent past:

1. Throw a picnic in the house.
She had been depressed lately about the cruddy weather and her inability to go out and do stuff outdoors. I made a meal, packed everything up in a picnic basket, and was ready and waiting for her at the backdoor when she got home from work. She was very opposed to the idea of a picnic, because of how bad the weather was, but I finally convinced her to get into the car. I drove once around the block, parked back in the garage, and took her inside (btw at this point she truly thought I had lost it).

The living room was setup with your standard checker blanket, two lounge chairs stolen from the garage (even with a spare UV lamp from a turtle tank to add our own sun, had this hanging from the ceiling) I found a good "scenescapes" channel on TV (the one that play outdoor style music) and we had our dinner. Afterwords we curled up on the blanket together and taken some black construction paper, poked constelations into it, and used that same uv lamp from earlier to display a star scene on the celing. All in all it was a nice evening.

2. Dinner for two...
I got home early from a family trip ( I had been gone for about 2 weeks, and got home 3 hours before I was expecting too)
I seperated our kitchen and dining room completely with sheets so that you couldn't see in too what I was cooking. I made steaks, garlic mashed potatoes, pasta (can't remember what kind). I had her favorite bottle of wine chilling (and a bottle that I was willing to drink as well) and the table and that entire end of the house setup with candles. The table was set and I was about 15 minutes from being ready to serve when she pulled in the driveway. There was a rose waiting for her by the lightswitch in the garage, just to throw her off guard. When she opened the front door, I was waiting with a dozen roses, all dressed up in a suit. I let her know that she had 20 minutes to go get dressed for dinner, gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek, and dissapeared behind the sheets.

She cried a bit, but dinner went wonderfully, and it couldn't have been pulled off any better if I had tried.