Fish FAQ and Forum Rules post. The main message is about FAQs I get all the time and a brief statement of the rules (be nice no yelling etc).

The most frequently asked question is about sick fish. The best first answer to start with is always change the water, keep the water clean, make sure you have pristine water quality consistently and at all times throughout your fish's life. It has to do with keeping the water not only clean, but at the correct water temperature for the type of fish you are the pet parent to, monitoring the water chemistry, conditioning the water, dechlorinating the water, and using a good water filtration system, among other things. You have to read up on it and ask questions. Being a part of this fish forum is a great way to ask questions and communicate with other fish lovers to share your opinions and experiences with fishkeeping and get great advice!

Just be sure to always respect everyone on the forum and remember to treat people on the forum the way you want to be treated! Thanks! : ) Best Fishes!

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