Yes here's a quote about Orlando -

" Orlando Bloom first auditioned for Faramir's part. In an interview featuring in the LOTR Official Fan-Club magazine (October 2004), Peter Jackson said : "Orlando came to it in a slightly different way. When John Hubbard suggested Orlando, it was actually for the Faramir role. The first audition we did with Orlando had him reading Faramir's lines. We thought, "Wow, he is fantastic! We do want to cast him." You don't tell people straight away because you have to go through a whole process, but we certainly said in our mind, "OK, Orlando is Faramir. We don't need to look for him anymore." Then we had trouble with the Legolas role, and he proved hard to find. We saw a lot of people for Legolas. We couldn't find anybody, and we got worried about it. At one point, we paused and we looked back at people we had met, and Orlando jumped out. We suddenly had this realization that Orlando's face was very Elven with his high cheekbones and sort of chiseled jaw line. Orlando, who we had thought was going to be Faramir, would be perfect for Legolas. We just suddenly decided, "Why don't we put him in the Legolas role because that is a bigger role and a really hard one since we are having trouble casting it because of the way Elves have to look.""

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