Yes LOTR is excellent. I have read the whole lot from The Sillmarillion to the Hobbit and the Rings trilogy, all great, I do agree that reading through the Silmarillion especially, can be tedious, also Tolkien is quite flowery and repeatitive in his descriptions, but it is awesome still.
To read the silmarrilion is to understand WHY the elves are where they are, and how foolish they were to trust Saroun, as he was not the first dark lord but the second! The first was defeated by the Valar, the Demi Gods.

But the Film, though excellent, I was dismayed that Faramir was dipicted as being tempted by the ring, He never did in the book. Also Sam gamgee, Frodo never belived because of gollum that sam wanted the ring, and sam was too loyal to disappear in tears because of gollum. But those aside it was great. When the Elves go to help in the battle of Helms deep it made me cry. what nobleness! Just so those who have not read the book know, One more ship does leave middle earth for the havens, built by Legolas, it takes him And Gimli, who is accepted there because of Galadriel into The Blessed realm. smile
I really did not like the fact that Tolkien made it so that Elf heaven and human death would never meet. I think God can do better than that! smile

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