OK do you love Lord of the Rings? I know I do smile I grew up reading the books constantly and had an entire epic story done out in my head of how I was a swordswomen who hung out with Aragorn. That became the basis for my first medieval romance novel, Badge of Honor. I just love LOTR.

I was so worried when the movie came out, that they would destroy my dream. But luckily the movies were made by passionate LOTR fans who literally had pages from the book hung on their walls as they worked to make sure they stayed true to the story. It really shows.

Aragorn is of course my favorite. I had really wanted Daniel Day-Lewis to take the part but Viggo did a quite good job. There's only a few scenes where I think he was a bit off. The one that always sends shivers through my spine is when the hobbits are very first being approached by the Nazgul on Weathertop and they call out "Strider!!!" in panic for his help. That was such an echo of my character in my dreams that it was very powerful. And in jumps Strider, putting his life on the line to protect the little ones.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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