Welcome back to our Campfire. Our fire needs more sticks, songs, poems and sharing. Kimi Kaya, Connidee and Vance - you are all so great at writing and sharing. I have a legend I would like to share with you:

Tlingit-Haida Creation Myth

Before the world came into being, a spirit ruled from the clouds. Beneath his realm was nothing but water. Raven was servant to the spirit. One day Raven was far from his home in the sky and became very weary. He flew on and on over the vast body of water, but could find no place to rest. Finally, he began to beat the water with his wings. He beat so hard that waves on each side of him rose up high, almost to the clouds. The waves suddenly became rocks that increased and spread into islands. Sandy beaches formed, and eventually plants grew from the sand.
Rave decided the land would be his, but after a while he grew lonely all by himself. He took two large piles of shells and from them he created two human beings, both women. Soon the women complained that Raven should not have made two women; one should have been a man. So Raven transformed one into a man, and that made everyone happy. That first pair was the ancestor of the Indians who lived on the islands.
Unfortunately, it was not long before the people began to quarrel, and they quarreled and quarreled. At last the spirit came down from his cloud kingdom and warned them that they would be destroyed if they could not learn to live in peace. And for a while, the quarreling ceased. It started once again, however, and the spirit changed them into cedar trees. He then told the others, "If you can learn to live in peace, you will have these lovely trees for many things: planks for houses, trunks for canoes, bark and roots for mats and baskets. From inner bark you will make clothing." The people had learned their lesson well, and from that time they have used cedar trees for all those things.

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