SWAPS stand for Special Whatchamacallits Affectionaly Pinned Somewhere or Share With A Pal.
Some ideas for country ones for Thinking Day:
Always copy of flag,money or stamp.GS pin emblem from WAGGS book. Animal sticker of animal from country, copy of country. Remember to make them small size of LG post stamp.
Germany we pinned gummie bears and sprayed with sealent,Did writing in Hyrogliphics for Egyt (girl Scouts) also in Japanese and korean. Drums from wine cork yarn around glued beer caps painted brown on both ends to make drum from Africa. Fortune cookie from fun foam china, Kiwi bird for New Zealand made from Beer cap glued fur and paper fastener for beak. Origami animals. Mexico took foam coffee cups put in oven for few seconds they melt down to small hats and decorate. ponchos from material, Kimonos from material, cut egg carton foam cups out fill with colored rice and broken toothpick to make bowl for china.Small baggies found at Micheals store crafts and filled with spices from India. Card board boomerang for Australlia,
Just a few ideas for Thinking Day.