Hello! I�m the Editor of the Quilting site, my name is Judie Bellingham. I encourage you to take advantage of this forum, and all it has to offer. Ask questions, get ideas, answer other's questions - forums are a wonderful place for learning and friendship!

Here�s a few guidelines for posting on this forum.

1. Please refrain from posting new topics for the purpose of plugging your web site. If you have a valuable link to share, with information that will help to answer someone's question, by all means, please post it. After all, many come to these forums for answers. If you are looking to promote your website, please keep it on topic (Quilting) and in the signature portion of your profile. This will allow you to share your information with each post you make, without filling each topic with web site links. We want real live questions and answers here!

2. This should go without saying, but please be nice. Obviously, no foul or abusive language will be permitted.

3. Report abuse - if you'd like to report a post that violates the guidelines here you may report it by contacting me via the PM (private message) feature.

4. Keep in mind these guidelines are applied to the quilting forum area. Each topic in these forums is moderated by it's Editor. So each topic will have it's own set of rules to follow - some similar or very different than mine here - so please be sure to know the guidelines for which topic you are posting under.

5. Please check the posting guidelines periodically for updates. As I mentioned I am new here, so unforseen problems can always be expected. Any issue needing the attention of all visitors, will be addressed here.

Thank you for respecting my guidelines for the Quilting Forum. Posts not keeping within these guidelines may be edited or removed at anytime. Notice for deletions will be given to you via PM (private message). Explainations for edits will be given in the edited post itself. Inappropriate posts that may not be yet covered here will be removed at my discretion. Please check back periodically for updates. If you have any questions feel free to ask, and please enjoy your time here!

Thank You!

Judie Bellingham
Editor Australia & Quilting Sites