Well, I LOVE the UNIT! It is television, so they can take some creative liberties with how they do some of the show. However, the issues are pretty real, to me. My girlfriend's husband was Army intelligence for over 20 years and she enjoys the show, too. There were MANY times that he was gone and she wouldn't even know which continent he was on, much less the country or the detail. (We would try to guess where he was by the "hot spots" but he could not talk about it).

I love the characters and the actors who play them. I couldn't believe how Hector spent the whole show, this week, saving Williams, only to get a bullet through HIS neck. We sure did not see that coming. The way they did his funeral was pretty real and legitimate, and VERY touching. My husband says that the police department does the same kind of thing, by calling out the officer's name a few times over his radio, and having no answer. It was very chilling!