Ah but the Sweepstakes account isn't a moderator smile That is a brand new account we created in order to get through the forum sweepstakes prize backlog that has accumulated. In fact we have two sweepstakes accounts we're using; one is plowing through the tshirts and posters, the other is plowing through the books and DVDs. You'll probably see both of them creating posts in the forum.

We're doing easy questions because the aim is to get the prizes given away for the holidays, not to torment people smile

Our forum doesn't ask for address information? When you register it simply asks for an email address and password - nothing else ...?

You can always feel free to use the site-wide contact form to contact me, any time you have a question about a legitimacy of a post. That way you know you're talking with the real owner and I can respond with the information you need.