I'm always on the lookout for new things I can use for processing fleece, and wandered into my local pet store yesterday looking for something like a large metal cow comb that did not have those turning teeth and found, tada:
a long-haired cat detangling brush!
This looks like a much smaller version of the traditional wool comb with steel teeth at a right angle and what appears to be a very tough handle so it can be clamped firmly onto your work surface. Its even a really nice bright pink. The front of the teeth are wavy and have been sharpened, but its only a minutes work to dull the blades so it can be used with fleece, and what a difference it makes!
First off I run the fleece through that, then through a blending comb I have made from several afro combs screwed onto a piece of wood (the original instructions for this were on a blog that has now been wiped), and end up with a lovely roving thats far nicer than I was getting just using a dog comb. The short bits then get fluffed up and go through my drum carder a couple of times and make a lovely fluffy batt.
Its an American brand (I threw the wrapper away, grrr!), so you guys should have no trouble finding one locally.
Cheers, Caroline in Australia

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