Hi there,

Children often do express their gifts openly. We are all closest to our abilities in the beginning before society (the physical world) has us focuss on more material matters. Some of us have maintained our abilities through determination, tried to get rid of them or have had supportive parents aiding their development.

Personally, I've maintained my abilities..lol..after trying desperately to get rid of them and have had them develop naturally over the years. It isn't always pleasant, but they are real and that's good enough for me smile I'd rather have real than anything else that pretends to be.

Having said that, for children who are very natural with their gifts and many parents are observing this these days,nothing will support them any more than the openness a loving parent has to offer. Think of it as you would if they were gifted at playing a piano.

The intensity you feel with your daughter is open soul communication. Most likely she was a healer in another life if not many as well.

Best to you and your family!

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