Hello, I am not really sure how to write all this or even what exactly I am looking for from writing it...other then to get ideas on how to handle things better...maybe?

I have always had a sixth sense so to speak, and have had dreams that come true weeks or months later. Things that I just know to be true...that are proven true later. Feelings of something going horribly wrong...only to have something terrible actually happen. Visions of things. My problem is I do not have a strong control over it. When i get these strong feelings, so strong that it gets hard to breathe and makes you anxious....I have a hard time reading what i am really feeling and pinpointing it...so in turn i do become anxious becuase generally the outcome is something unwanted if you know what i mean.

Now that said...I have identical twin girls that will be 3 in december. They both show signs of being clairvoyent, one of them seems to be more in tune to it or aware of it then the other. Forexample, ever since she was able to talk i have notice things. She was about 20 months old when she said..."bless you daddy" as her and i were taking a walk about a couple houses ahead of my husband and her twin sister. I looked at her not knowing why she said it but kept walking...two min. later my husband sneezed. We have been in the car when she will say something like, "oh no, that car got an owie mommy..." and then a few miles up the road will be a car accident.

My husband and I both had experiences were we will just be in thought, watching them color or play and then when you think about Her...with good thoughts (just general sweet thoughts about your kids as you see them playing and being so amazing...) the second you are THINKING about just her...she will stop what she is doing and look into your eyes and flash the biggest smile....like she knows what you are thinking about. And she has this look that goes right through you to your soul...sometimes it almost hurts if that makes any sense...it is very powerful...and she feels very powerful when she does this. Almost like she CAN see into your soul.

I believe she has a gift...my question I guess is...knowing how i do not have controll over my feelings or my gift...how do i help her grow with it and accept it and understand it?

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