And now a little humor. This one is called Navajo Women.

Three Indian women died and were brought before the Creator for judgment.
Creator said,"I will let you into the Spirit World if the beliefs you lived by were proper. Tell me what you believed when you were alive."
The Lakota woman said, "I have always believed in the Grandfathers and the Generations, and that is how I lived my life."
"Fine," said Creator. "You may enter and sit on my left.
What did you believe?" he asked of the Arapaho woman.
"I have always believed in Goodness, and I have tried to live my life in a good way."
"Fine! You may also enter and sit on my right."
Then he turned to the third woman, a Navajo. "And what do you believe?"
The Navajo woman said, "I believe you're sitting in my chair!"

DawnEagle Summers
Native American Editor