It is sad when the wise ones pass. No, I have not heard of Grandfather Joseph Flying Bye. Is there a link you could share?

For those of you who do not know, Corbin Harney was a Western Shoshone Spiritual Leader, who focused on stopping nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, and started Shundahai Network, among other things. He died of cancer, from the radiation on the reservation. Very sad.

The dove feather came in with me for now. It is on a piece of a knot from a cottonwood tree right now. I am thinking I need prayer feathers from the dove. I have many dove feathers!

A little story: I like to put out birdseed for the birds, and just sit and watch them some days. Mostly we have juncos, chickadees, sparrows, doves, and a few red-headed finches. There is one bird, who is always very shaky when he comes up, just twittering all over the place. I am thinking something is wrong with him. He always comes with another bird. They are chickadees. The other bird will actually pick up the bird seed in its beak, and put it inside the beak of the twittering one, feeding him. I think it is astounding that these birds take care of the weak ones, helping them. A lesson for us all.

I'll bring a real story back with me later. Gotta go make some enchiladas for dinner right now, green chile chicken.

Keep the fire lit, I'll be back later!

DawnEagle Summers
Native American Editor