DawnEagle, this is an wonderful idea. Hello, Jase and Kimikaya! My blanket is spread; I have my medicine bag and will be glad to smudge anyone who wants to share the blessings of cleansing and balancing with Sage and Cedar's give-away. I'd like to share a story; my husband and I spent the weekend near Cincinnati, Oh at Powwow. The energy was INCREDIBLE. Good, strong positive energy. We sang and danced. It's the first time I've been in the Circle and felt connected to Grandmother with each step. I'd sing with our Drum, then run out and dance till it was our turn to drum again. Anyway a young man was there; he normally attends most of the same Powwows we do. He's 15 and as most 15 year olds, he is full pee and vinegar and full of himself. Several times Elders had to remind him to settle a bit. He is a very good dancer and is quite proud of his ability and his Regalia. Just before a mens' traditional dance, the MC asked all the men to stand around the inside of the Circle and he went to each one and gave each dance the opportunity to speak to the crowd; share their names, tribal affiliatios, etc. When he approached the young man I've been telling you about, the young man said, "get that microphone out of my face!" (he's having a difficult time learning respect for his elders, I'd reckon). Anyway, just as he finished disrespecting his Elder the choker he'd been wearing (one my husband gifted to him) fell off his throat and onto the ground. I've seen this sort of thing happen before. So....I guess my point of this long dissertation is this.....Spirit certainly demonstrated his displeasure at this youngin's actions this weekend. He truly is a fine young man, with enormous potential. I'm just not sure how to deal with him. He disrepected me twice along with several other drum members. I think it's time to talk with his mother. Don't you? How would you handle it? Does it 'take a village'? Many, many good things happened; I'm sure the Spirits were there and happy to see the people dancing in the Circle. It's always so good to see friends who live far away, again and to catch up on all that's happened to each other over the winter. Many smiling, sun-burnt faces, fry-bread, the wonderful scent of sage smoke, bare feet and moccasin covered feet dancing, braided hair decorated with feathers, colorful cloth dresses, skin dresses and long fringe swaying with each step, little girls with their fancy shawls.....oh how I love powwow!