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Can you describe the "pinch" a bit more? Does it feel as if the elbow locks, or something is caught in the joint, or is there a snap in the elbow? Is it a painful sensation, or tight or numby/tingly? And is it over the inside, outside or back of the elbow? What position causes the "pinch"? Are you weight-bearing on the arm (such as in the downward-facing dog position)?

Most of the muscles that move the wrist and the fingers begin at the elbow. It's possible that, rather than strengthening, the forearm muscles may need to be stretched. By increasing the length of the muscle tendon unit along the forearm, some of the tension may be reduced at its starting point (the elbow) and eliminate the pinch.

Try this - put your arm in front of your body with the palm down and the elbow straight. Let gravity bend your wrist down towards the floor, then use the other hand to increase the stretch. Hold for 30 seconds. Then, pull your wrist in the other direction with the fingers pointed up as if you are saying "stop". Use your other hand to increase the stretch. Hold for 30 seconds. Perform several times throughout the day.

Check out the article on Cubital Tunnel Syndrome if you have any numbness, tingling or pain in the ring and small finger or a "funny bone" type feeling in the elbow.
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