Okay, continuing on about how to convert the 10 pin spare...
Regardless of anything, constant practice is how you will get consistent with picking up the 10 pin (and any spare, for that matter).
If you throw a straight ball to slight hook, you can probably get away with throwing your regular ball; if you have a medium to cranking curve, I would strongly suggest getting a plastic ball specifically drilled for no hook to use as your spare ball.
The reactive resin, particle, and to some degree, the urethane balls are designed to cut through oil and hook and they will more often than not, do a good job of it. Considering the oiling patterns today, you can develop more accuracy and consistency by throwing the ball straight at the ten pin rather than trying to hook it.
Here are some guidelines which you will have to fine tune to your comfort level: line your left foot up somewhere between the 30 and 35 board (2nd and 1st arrows from the left gutter) and aim for the 16, 17, or 18 boards keeping the ball on a straight line to the 10 pin. Remember that I am advocating throwing a straight ball rather than a hook of any kind. Once you have practiced and found the best placement for your feet and target that you should be aiming at, then the rest is practice, practice, practice to be consistent in your delivery and approach.
Hope this helps. Good luck to you and let me know how you progress.

Clyde "Choc" Higa, Editor
USBC Bronze Certified Coach
International Bowling Media Association