you are in Iran? Wow, how's life? Maybe we need to go to a different post for that.

I have never had cable. I bought a small microwave with a baking option all in one unit. The only reason I have a stove is because it came with the house. It's very useful for entertaining though. I have never in life bought a TV, since my friends keep upgrading, I simply inherit their old set. Same with a CD player, which I inherited just last year. I did buy my own DVD player a while back. I have a state of the art dishwasher with a top rack only washing option. I was very proud of myself when I bought my first washer and dryer, what a luxury!
I spend a lot of money on exotic travel, and I just bought an investment property. I also make it a point to tip well when I travel, especially to other countries.

I have a friend who bought a dishwasher for his mother and picked out all the options very carefully, paid over $1,000 and then paid extra to have it installed. Was very proud of himself to be able to do this for his mother. He called her to ask if she was using it and if she liked it.

"Yes," she said, "I'm using it and I like it."
"You promise?" he asked.
"Yes, I promise."

Next time he was there, he opens the dishwasher to find that his mother has neatly stacked all her folders in there with important papers.