I prefer to go in the offseason to the outislands in the Bahamas vs. the tourist traps. The experience is much more personal. You have an opportunity to really get to know the hotel owners and to interact with locals. The Cove is a hotel in Eleuthera, Bahamas, with 2 private beaches, excellent snorkeling, no TVs in the rooms, which really gives you a chance to spend time with your partner (no golf either). You can Google their web site, it may be www.thecove.com You can ride a bike into town and interact with local people, very friendly and warm. You can rent a car and explore the island. There's usually a neighborhood fish fry at least once a week somewhere on the island, like a block party with food and music. Excellent place to go by yourself as a woman and to find your peace. There are no locks on the doors, but you won't need them. There may be locks at other hotels. Happy exploring!