Hi all
We have microwave oven for nearly four years that more use by my wife and daughter for warmed the food. I still prefer to use regular oven by gas.

We have satellite dish and could see Hotbird and Nile sat as most of Iranian, it help my so much to improve my English ability, beside I like to see news via CNN, Euronews and BBC, and serials like "two men and half", "charmed", "smallvile" and specially "friends" are fantastic for me.

We have a Peugeot 405 two years old. My wife hates driving, although we had two cars for three years but she just had drive less than five times because our streets is too crowdy.
We belong to middle class family here and most of our equipments are old ones but work properly, my wife and me more like to spend our money in travel rather than buying new ones.