Wow..what a neat brings back memories of a lady who lived down the street from me in the 70's. I was always wanting to paint, crochet, knit, do name it. Well my neighbor Helen was a crafty lady and she offered to teach me oil painting and also crochet. I had the best time under her wing. Both crafts taught me something about myself how to express and use my creative juices.
I had one drawback it was being a "lefty" when I crocheted the popcorn stitch the stitches ended up inside the purse I was making and not on the front..Helen didn't know how to fix that problem we just sat and laughed through it and had a wonderful time. She not only taught me to crochet and paint she also taught me macrame knotting. If we had not moved from Pennsylvania to Florida I have no idea how much more I'd have learned from dear Helen...I'll always treasure those moments doing so many things with my mind and hands. Thanks for asking it was fun going back in time remembering old friends and now wanting to return to some of the same crafts. Ciao, Jazzy Geri

Crazy as I wanna be,
Jazzy Geri