Your chances, regardless, are slim but if you do not send her a message or make an effort to contact her your chances are naught. In other words, you have nothing to loose by making an effort to contact her. While she may or may not have an interest in you, you certainly can assure yourself that, at this point in the game, she will not be making an effort to contact you. So my advice would be to take a chance and send her an email telling her how you feel. The worst she can say is nothing or she has no interest, but I would imagine that if she has or had any feeling toward you that you will get a kind response.

You might say something to the extent of:

(Her Name),

"Ran across your profile on facebook the other day. This is ????? from ceramics class. I have to admit that I thought and think that you are a really cool person. While I really regret being so shy around you this past year, I do not want to give up without a least making an effort to get to know you a little better. Anyways, I was hoping we might find a time to catch up and hang out sometime soon. Drop me a line and let me know your thoughts.

Hope all is well,

Your Name