I've tried to shave as many minutes off my beauty routine as possible...because if it takes too long to do it, I won't do it.

Definitely in the first few years, you won't have much time to breathe, much less do your normal routine. At least you will have a "mommy glow." smile

I use a tinted sunscreen...it's actually sunscreen mixed with a little liquid foundation, but you can buy a readymade one such as Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer with SPF. Voila! Sunscreen and foundation in one quick, easily blended layer.

I use stick blush...because it's a dab on each cheek and blend. Since I use my fingers to apply the tinted sunscreen, it's easy to then use the stick blush. (My favorite is Nars the Multiple.)

After that, pressed powder. I use MAC Blot, it's the best for oily skin (no touch ups during the day!).

Once my "base face" is on (this takes less than two minutes I'll bet), I can get away with a little eyepencil. I keep a lipstick in my purse so I can actually put it on in the car (no, I don't apply while driving!).

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