It's kind of funny that you post this topic, because it was one of the first times I had come to realize that having an ed was not normal. I remember when I was in girl scouts as a brownie (about 7) we were talking about body image and such, and the question was posed; what is the ideal body? that's a REALLY loaded question for a seven y-o to answer, but I did with absolutely no hesitation (a rarity for me at that time) reply "Barbie!" Everyone just stared at me. I felt the room closing in. I began to think in my head 'is that wierd?'" I was actually quite suprised I was not only the only one to say it, but for no one to agree with me.

To say that Barbie was a major source for "feeding" (ironic, ey? XP)my ed would be rediculous, but I will say that it added to the pot of trouble.

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