I've read Deepak Shopra's books and can agree on his vision, which I have shared myself before even reading his books: we mostly make ourself sick. It's just very hard to break this habit and get out of the negative spiral. For that, regular treatment and therapy can be a big help, so it certainly has it's function. But sadly enough, most people aren't strong enough in that situation to break it or avoid the risk of getting dependant on drugs, therapists, guru's (in the negative sense of the word, those who claim to be guru's, while they just like to USE people for their own benefit)

I'm in a hard trail of breaking the circle again, but I've had an intense weekend in which I did 3 things I never images doing again in my entire life, but I still did them, so I see this as a sign to take my life in my own hands now and start doing something about it instead of getting carried away again and step back into the negative spiral.

I would like to treat lots of people who are walking the same path, but I have to finish mine first. It's hard...

Guess what? I give massages and reiki. More info here!