Lately I've been thinking that " beauty tips for busy moms " could be a hot topic. Especially if you're a new mom (count me in as one of those!!) So I'd love to stir up some discussion on beauty tips for moms.

Having just had my first child in March, I'm still trying to figure out how moms find time for themselves. I figured this idea was bound to get some attention from celebrity moms; so many have had babies recently!.

Sure enough, I heard about an exclusive event held in Hollywood called the "Suave Hot Mom's club Soiree", hosted by celebrity and new mom Mariska Hargitay. The event was put on by Suave (makers of Suave shampoo) and the "Hot Moms Club". I checked them out and found some inspiration at the hot moms club website. I recommend giving them a look to see what they're doing to help busy moms find time for a beauty routine.

I'm also a Suave shampoo enthusiast, but I'd never thought about visiting their website. I checked out Suave and discovered a whole area of their site dedicated to beauty tips for moms. If you go there, check out the podcast of the three blonde moms. It's hilarious. I could especially relate to the mom who showers while standing on one foot and rocking the crying baby in his car seat with the other! Or the mom who says she gets her daughter ready for school, then throws on a baseball cap, sunglasses, and a sweatshirt before she runs out the door. She said she always looks like she's in the witness protection program. Sound familiar to anyone?

If you're a busy mom, let's hear from you ... how do you find time to take care of yourself and keep yourself looking great?

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Carolyn Schweitzer, DDS
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