So, you already have some answers, the point is there is still not so much perfume on alcoholbase sold in roll on�s. And to fill a closed perfumebottle into another bottle means often to destroy it. Because perfumebottles are mostley closed in a way they can�t be opened so easily. And if you use your prefered perfume which you like so much, it will be complicated to find it again. I could give you a very special solution, I am a perfumer. If you tell me what scent you like, I can create you something simular, or if you want your persol scent, just for you. Don`t worry about the price, its not sooo expensive. I would send it to you with in a bottle you can easy fill to another and with a rollon bottle of course.100ml eau de parfum (thats a lot) with the bottles and shiping will not cost you more than 50$.Interested, write me amail or simply a reply. roseblossom