Hi, I'd like to have some advice or point of view from experienced DM.

I'm making a campaign on a continent were Dragons are the rulers.I'll give my character rules for now and more things later as I come up with it.

Race: Human
Classes: None
Starting Languages: Common and Draconic
Abilities: All = 8
Alignment: Neutral
Character Slot: 1

The point is they'll start in a human village that is situated between two dragons territory. Probably a Green Dragon and a Bronze Dragon. The first session will be at their teenagers stage and that's why I put 8 everywhere and no classes.

After the first session they'll choose a class and buy abilities with 32 points to spend in them. I think I wont allow some classes in the beggining because of the area they are situated in. Sorcerer, Cleric, Fighter, Rogue Ranger and Druid should do. I'm not allowing the Bard because it doesn't fit with situation (the village is terrified and doesn't have time for festivities), I'm not planning on having a Wizard NPC in that village so the players wouldn't be able to learn wizardry, the Paladin must have special training and this training is not found there, there's no monestary for Monks and since it is a civilized village there's no Barbarians either.

For the alignment I'd like to try something like the game Fable were your alignment change by your actions. I'll probably do some solo-missions were the aligment will be judged by the choices they take and maybe these missions could be the training in their chosen class.

Now you probably wonder what is this Character Slot. I'd like to incorporate that so my players can have more than one character for the campaign but only one by session. Maybe I'll do a headquarter like in the Shining Force game because I'm planning on having a war in that campaign at some point. That's why I only allow Humans in the beggining too. They'll be able to recruit other characters of other races as they go along so if one of their characters die, they'll have another one right away.

Well I think that's it for now. If you could give your opinion, taughts, advice or anything it would be appreciated. I'm not sure if I'm being too strict or not.