Prisons now a days have access to the internet, Cable TV, movies, and even contact on a sexual manner with your spouse. Which I might add that while in prison they commit more crimes on persons. The elderly get scammed. Other inmates that aren't as hard get abused. They steal from each other. What about the guards that end up being victimized by these animals. You guys feel sorry for these criminals. But the truth is that these guys don't look at jail or prison as being all bad. They become institutionalized. If they ever get out again, they are even more hard to commit crimes. And life in prison does not mean life in prison. There is always chances of escape. Parole and Ect... Most crimes are done by repeat offenders. I worked in my counties jail and over 60% of the inmates came back. Only this time with more serious charges. That isn't counting the guys and gals doing state time which is for major felonies. The criminal justice system is a joke.