I think the death sentance would be a deterent if they actualy used it in a timely fashion in stead of whating 20 years to do it!!! the perisions are over crowed so they let pirsoners go that should stay in. i think that repeat offender of child sexual asults, child abuse and murder of anykind exepect selfdefence should get the death penaltiy if they are repeat offener and have been found guilt put in jail and released and found guilt of the same thing or worse more then 2x. why should i have to pay there room and board!!! why should we let the parrol borads put them back on the streets to kill, rape and harm our loved ones or some one elses? my mom works in the prison units here and most of them are child and sex offender that talk about when they get out what they will do and it is not like in the movies where the talk about how they will change and never do it again and how the are going to better them selfes!!! the only time you even start to hear that kind of thing is when they are close to getting up infront of a parol board!!! you can not change a serial killer/ rapist/ or child abuser... sorry but i think if we send them to God HE can deside what to do with them and it would keep others from going down that road too!!!

that is my view and i respect all of yours!!!

Judge not lest ye be judged: all things are permittable but not all things are beneficial