Alexandra this interchangable buisness makes no sense to me and you know what? I dont want it to because I think its a load of [censored]...

That's fine... I don't have a problem with that...providing you are able to tell me exactly why you know it to be [censored] (not why you think it is....There's a difference.....)

I dont care if it is not nice to be rejoicing in his torture because that is his Karma and he deserves every bit of what he is getting and more.

He may deserve his karma - as we all do... but to rejoice in his suffering is consequential for you too...and therefore you are creating negative karma for yourself... Which I am sorry for.

Just what has my opinion about the death penalty have to do with my spiritual path? "is this it"?

Is what it?

"I feel that it is no longer appropriate to discuss religion in any way in a public forum such as this because my relationship with my higher power is "not open to discussion" to anyone as I feel my relatronship with my higher power is sacred...It is very personal now...."

This is what you wrote in another thread... We cannot separate our spiritual path from our day-to-day existence... our Spiritual discipline should be at the very heart of everything we think, say and do....It should fuel every fibre of our being, non-stop.

You read to much into things mate...I know you mean well and you have a kind heart but I am just expressing the way I feel and I know I dont sound "nice" but we are talking about real life here and this is a very serious issue.

I am talking about real life too; What other life, here and now, is there...?

What would you do with this individual who systematically blew 36 People away one nice sunny sunday arftenoon including a mum with here two children.One was killed in her arms allong with her - the other one he chased and killed her after she tried to hide behind a tree.I can tell you more horible details about that day but it probably would not mean anything to you as in the way you would treat him would it?

Okay Alexandra - You are the judge - you are about to hand down the punishment that this "man" shall recieve for his crime.

What do you do with him?

Does it Please society?

Freespirit, I will tell you how it is with me...
I have to view this as I do all matters I face - on two levels...the first is with the practical, day-to-day, general socially-fed ideology of the Laws, Rules and Regulations which run society (which, incidentally, are all in their own turn, rooted in the Commandments handed down by God to Moses....)
Crimes must be punished, laws upheld and the innocent and law-abiding protected.
But I overview everything with my own particular Spiritual ethics as the fulcrum upon which I act....the basis and foundation of everything i think say and do, are the Compassion and Love I have to develop for my fllow man.
I am not here to please anyone; I am here to do what is right.
And actively, deliberately and purposefully wishing harm on another being, is wrong.
I do not deny that a punishment must be based on what Society has worked on and developped to guide, instruct and govern...But Retribution, through Killing and depriving of life, is not universally accepted, even in the USA. And as such, I cannot condone it.