Alexandra this interchangable buisness makes no sense to me and you know what? I dont want it to because I think its a load of [censored]...

The fact is I am not "interchangable" I am not him and he is not me vice versa.

I dont care if it is not nice to be rejoicing in his torture because that is his Karma and he deserves every bit of what he is getting and more.

Freespirit, that's not like you.... I thought (as you mentioned in another thread) that you wanted to pursue your own specific, personal, private and individually-chosen path...Is this it?

The last paragraph is yours Alexandra just what has my opinion about the death penalty have to do with my spiritual path? "is this it"?

Is what it?

YOu read to much into things mate...I know you mean well and you have a kind heart but I am just expressing the way I feel and I know I dont sound "nice" but we are talking about real life here and this is a very serious issue.

What would you do with this individual who systematically blew 36 People away one nice sunny sunday arftenoon including a mum with here two children.One was killed in her arms allong with her - the other one he chased and killed her after she tried to hide behind a tree.I can tell you more horible details about that day but it probably would not mean anything to you as in the way you would treat him would it?

Okay Alexandra - You are the judge - you are about to hand down the punishment that this "man" shall recieve for his crime.

What do you do with him?

Does it Please society?