Being glad for the misery of others seriously damages the privilege we have of being a human being...

The only difference here, may well be gender, but -

Do you have a body, as he has?
A head?
Two eyes?
A face, mouth, nose, ears, hair...?
A heart?
Two arms, and two legs, as he has....?

Then you are interchangeable... There, 'but for the grace of God' (some say) go you... under other circumstances, he may have been 'you' and you might have been 'him'... So as you live, breathe, see, hear, eat, speak, walk and exist as he does, there is no difference between you except for the choices made. Some may say he is reaping his karma now.

so be it.

But to be glad at his suffering....? To believe it to be commendable? To extract some enjoyment from his torture?
That's not nice.
In what I practise, re-birth in this cyclical existence does not discount that those we encounter today, might have been close friends, relatives or loved ones in a previous time.... So whoever we come across, is one with us, and we are one with them....

Freespirit, that's not like you.... I thought (as you mentioned in another thread) that you wanted to pursue your own specific, personal, private and individually-chosen path....

Is this it?

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