I believe in the death penalty. The reason it does not work is because it takes so long. These guys are animals. They deserve to die. Anybody who commits murder should be put to death. And it should happen quickly. In the first year at least. Our judicial system does not consider the victims. Many of the guys who commit murder have killed before. Why should they be kept alive. How many appeals did the person they killed get. If they knew what was going to happen, I know they pleaded for their lives. Did it matter? No it didn't the animals still murdered. For the death penalty to really work it must be done faster. Especially in cases where there is no doupt who the killers are.

Michael Taylor and Roderick Nunley on Missouri death row, plead guilty to killing a 16 year old girl. Anne Harrison is her name. I know people forget who the victims are. These guys plead guilty to this crime. There is no doupt that they are guilty. They recieved the death Penalty and have been on death row since 1989. This is an outrage. They plead guilty. And since 1989, Anne Harrison is still dead. She gets zero appeals. No chance fro a court to give her a stay. She was executed by two animals who don't deserve to be among people. Yes, I feel the way the death penalty is administered here in the USA, it is a joke. And the animals know it. That is why they don't fear it. Sheep get preyed upon. We need to stop being sheep, and make these predators who take lives pay. For murder payment must be the ultimate. You take a life. You forfeit yours. If a murderer knows that his life is in danger, he won't be so fast to gamble with it. Sorry I went so long.