I'm glad you are. And your last series of posts have been uplifting to read (still no decent gags though), and almost sincere. What I'd like you to hear, are the many words of wisom, sanity and gentleness towards others, that have been written in repsonse to your earlier inflammatory posts.

And I'll listen to you, too (that's true that is), if I think you're worth listening to. But I can't take you seriously if you spend your free time hunting, shooting and standing in childrens playgrounds looking up at the sky*. Actions speak louder than words Davey (well they don't, not really, but ignore that) so give up the gun and use your free time doing good work in your community. That way you'd get my respect, and probably many others on here, and even though we might not agree with everything you say, we would certainly start to listen to you as well. Your offensive words on homosexuality for example, have resulted in lots of people putting you on ignore. Many of your views are actually quite offensive, so if you want us to listen, then you need to listen to us too. God I'm so hungry I could eat my own ear wax.

* that's a bit scary matey

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