The zealots on the CF forum slay me. Children shouldn't be allowed in restaurants, shopping malls or anywhere a CF person might accidentally be exposed to the little terrors. Bah! Exactly how do they expect children to learn how to act in these places if they're not exposed to them?

Children are not pets--you don't crate them up for the day when you have to go out and you don't leash and muzzle them (well, okay, you can leash them) in public. Neither are children little dolls that sit perfectly quiet and unobtrusive.

I have friends who are CF thruogh choice and others who are CF for medical or other reasons. NONE of them wish to live in a world secluded from children; and when they want a completely child free day/night out, they have no problem finding one.

And the continuing "breeders" comments. Oooh...