I was trying to do some quick research on just how old the marriage ceremony is but http://www.roman-empire.net/society/soc-marriage.html is pretty interesting. Everything I have ever read about marriage, it was really just a way to "benefit" someone else. For example arranged marriages. Which is why I really find it very humorous that the government wants to make a law about it and I'm sure they will benefit from it. Jane depending on what state you live in, you may allready be married legally. I am married but I don't think you have to have a piece of paper to be "married". I also don't think that you or your spouse will be "burning in @#$%" because you are not married. Knowing that there is a high divorce rate apparently, there are alot of people who don't either recognize the piece of paper or take it seriously (take a look at statistics). Like I said, for years upon years, god had nothing to do with marriage, it has to do with benefitting someone.