Pegg - thanks for your reply. Wow, that's a good deal on the Clemes. That would just about cover the price of a Fricke?? I will think about it. For the amount of carding I've done in the past couple of years I would be better off sending out the fine fibers and doing the coarser stuff myself, I guess. I plan on getting more done now that I have the time. I'll wait and see!

Judith - I have a lot to learn about alpaca! I didn't know there were different types. What I had was pure huacaya, and the next stuff I'm going to try is a butter soft blend 10:1 of huacaya/merino. The scarf turned out very nice, the problem seemed to be a combination of my ultra fine singles breaking and my No Longer 25 Year Old Eyes.... but I finally got my lace skill back and this pattern is a lovely old one. It's called porcupine lace from the 2nd Treasury of Lace by B. Walker. I am definitely making more of these! It got good reviews at my local get-together this past week.