Update on my alpaca story - I tried knitting with this stuff as a single and it was a disaster. I think it's got something to do with the lace pattern and the yarn being fine and my eyes not being the same ones I had at age 30. Anyway, I ripped it out after 3 tries, put it back in a double ended ball arrangement and made it into 2 ply yarn. It's not the best skein of yarn I've ever produced, with all the skeining, washing and abuse it's had, so not really a fair trial of alpaca. I am working on a new lace pattern for a scarf with it as a 2 ply and so far am not impressed with anything about this item. I'm thinking that since I'm not having fun I should just frog it and use the yarn in something else like an EZ surprise sweater.

Meanwhile I'd like to try again with more alpaca because I think I messed this stuff up pretty badly and it was lovely fiber to begin with.

I'm starting to realize that I might want to consider a new drum carder. I found out alpaca is too fine for my Clemes and Clemes. This is sad because I would have to sell the C&C to help finance the new carder. )c8