I read something about alpaca here the other day, and even posted a reply about it but can't find it now. Anyway, I have a question about this fiber. I broke down and acquired some this week after sampling a bit of it. I have about 6 ounces spun fairly fine on one bobbin, and am now wondering if I should ply it or not. I think this would make a nice lace scarf or shawl, maybe a moebius ring.

Does anyone have experience with alpaca? I am wondering if it will work to leave it as singles and knit it up in a lace pattern with fairly loose gauge, or should I ply it?

I have already steamed this bobbin, I put it in a steamer for 20 minutes and it is now drying. I did learn something - the next time I steam alpaca, even nicely washed alpaca, it will be in the late spring with all the windows open! Even with the exhaust fan, on my kitchen smelled like a hot wet animal of some kind. It wasn't a good smell....... but what a lovely yarn I have, this fiber is like butter to spin.