OK Michelle, here's what i've got!

First, the thread title, Rae i agree that visual horror is horrifying in a different way to horror in the mind and people respond to differnet things. There is also the 'shock' value of gore in a horror movie.

Now for some Evil Dead defending. I included it in my beginners guide for several reasons. First and most important, it is lots of fun. The gore is comical rather than shocking (even more so in the sequel), the performances are endearing, the direction is stunning with SO many special shots and although the movie is not scary, the atmosphere can get creepy in places.
The film was shot for nothing on 16mm by Sam Raimi, assisted by his college mates who produced, acted and did the make-up. It made a cult star out of Bruce Campbell (who is simply superb), it propelled Sam Raimi to directing stardom in a similar way to Peter Jackson.
In the UK, the movie was the figure head of the Video Nasty scare and was banned for MANY years and has only relativly recently been released in an uncut form. It was also famous for Stephen King's endorsment on the video cover; a rarity in those days for a big budget movie, let alone an independant cheapy like this.
Evil Dead and its sequels represent what is so good about the genre: A no budget movie made by people no one had heard of went on to become a genre legend and sent most of it's crew and actors on to bigger and better things. It's a Cinderella story, only with Cinderella as a flesh eating zombie.

There we go, that's my reasons for Evil Dead being on a horror fans list of watched movies. You don't have to like it, but you HAVE to have seen it.

Think I have written too much! Never get me started on Evil Dead!

Andy Boxall
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