Laura Wright is an awesome actress! I used to watch Guiding Light and now I'll flip over during GH commercials. Seriously, this lady has grace and poise, but lots of grit too, so I think she'll be able to portray Carly more like what we expect from the character. Believe me, you won't have trouble being able to see Carly #4, played by Laura Wright, as Sonny's one true love! Give her a chance, you'll see how great she is. Carly won't be in the institution much longer.

I do feel bad for Jennifer Bransford. I just don't think she stood a chance following Tamara Braun. I don't know if anyone would have because Tamara had truly stamped Carly as her own. Know what I mean?

Ok, hmmm... Maybe Emily should go on back to Nikolas and Reese should go back to wherever she came from. I'm excited about this character change!

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