My hair reaches my waist now, and this is the second time I've grown it this long. In between these two growth spurts I had it shaved to a #4!

I'd always wanted to grow my hair long but I was never allowed to as a child. As a teenager therefore I let it grow to my waist for the first time and I know a lot of younger girls were so envious. Then when I started college I had it cut to just below my shoulders and I got so many comments about how much healthier it looked after that. I really haddn't known how to care for it properly or style such long hair. This time round I'm doing better, although I cut a layer into the back last year that I'm still trying to get rid of!

I'm now thinking of going shorter again. Just before winter I was thinking how much I would love to cut it really short and dye it blonde (I have very dark brown hair). But my husband reminded me of the dreaded drivers' licence and passport photos (which show long, dark hair). I'd hate to be stuck in immigration trying to prove my identity!

Elle Carter Neal
BellaOnline Alumna