I dont know where your location is but I live in brooklyn. If another guy even looks at me my fiance is over him like white on rice. I guess out here in NY they would call it disrespectful. Even if they are giving a comment. Any way you should talk to him and tell him how you feel. First tell him that you trust them ask him why couldnt she go home or stay somewhere else. And the whole flirting thing no you dont have to take it I would ask him how would he feel if you done it to other guys. If he says he wouldnt care then we have a problem. She is not his GF or lover that is his friend he shouldnt be flirting with her he should be flirting with his GF and that is you. Look I had a BF once and we had this girl name amber as our friend. We was close they always giggled and hug and comment each other they even had two classes with each other. They would walk to the second class while I waited for them (because the 2nd class we had together) I never told him how I felt about it. Long story short one day he upset me and I went home he called me broke it off. That was like my first love it was like the worst feeling in the world. I saw them in the hall way holding hands and wearing the hoody I bought him. She said we cant hide our feeling towards each other anymore! I was like so how long has this been going on for? They were right under my nose the whole time messing around for months. So I hit her in the stomach and took the bottom of the hoody and pulled it over her head taking it off her. I told her mine hoody B*TCH I was p*ssed. I'm not trying to fill your head up with "this is what they could be doing info". Just be alert ask questions be concerned for yourself and feeling. You are not pointing fingers, and you are not snooping around. Just tell him that you are concerned whats going on thats all. Good luck 2 ya javascript:void(0)
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