Hey CD!
You are getting all this done together?

I don't know, that's one of my biggest questions for him is that would it be better to go under the knife just once, or would the length of surgery to have it all done at one time be a bigger risk (being under anesthesia that long)?

I worked as a surgical tech for a few years before my daughter (2nd child) was born, around '95 - '97. So I'm pretty familiar and comfortable with the thought of surgery and what goes on. AND the techniques have come a long way in just that short a period of time! Plus I've researched this surgeon pretty well. He's a very upstanding surgeon not only in his field as a professional- but also as a member of the community here in Atlanta. That makes me feel good, too! <img src="/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />

Michelle Taylor
Marriage Editor