I always said 'no way' until relatively recently. But then again, i was always pretty happy with the way i look. Not that i'm a supermodel or anything, but i'm happy and healthy and it shows. Anyhow, after wearing glasses for 20 years, i decided to save up for corrective surgery. When i had enough money, i went for a consultation with a really great surgeon who told me that my corneas were too thin for lasik. I was disappointed, but decided to try contacts instead. Well, they work fine for me.
BUT, after wearing glasses for years, i was shocked to see huge dark circles under my eyes. I drank more water, started eating even more healthily, and purchased some touche eclat. However, it had no effect, and 3 months later i still had the circles. Visiting my doctor, i found out that it was under-eye bags causing the circles.
So, after thinking about it long and hard (another 3 months) i decided to see a plastic surgeon. To make a long story short, i had the bags removed. The circles are gone too, and it was the best money i ever spent. I don't look younger, or prettier; i just look the way i thought i'd look without my glasses.
Don't know if i'd have anything else done; but i've found that you can never say never!