I often think of the day I bought my current vehicle. It was in April and the weather was rather perfect considering the month before it was snowing! I was walking to work one day and there it was--a gorgeous black 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GT with dual exhaust, power moonroof and tinted windows! It was love at first sight! Even though it was a used vehicle, it was merely 2 years old and in immaculate condition, which at the time, was all I needed to see! Instantly, I pictured myself rollin' on the highway, then driving in the city and of course driving it to work! All I could do at that moment was sigh because it had a sign hanging on the rear-view mirror with "hold" on it. At that very moment, my dream died! I was rather saddened and then I thought about how lucky the new owner would be--then I was depressed! Then a couple of days later, the "hold" sign was gone which meant it was back on the block and I started dreaming again! I was so busy imagining myself in this beautiful car that I forgot that I didn't have any money to buy it! Then I was frustrated! About one month later, I noticed my dream car was no longer there. I was so distraught, I thought that It was obviously NOT meant for me to have this beautiful car--I accepted that idea and moved on with my life--or so I thought I moved on. The very next day, the car was back in its original spot as I had first seen it. I decided that It was torture for me to keep dreaming about this car and let go of the whole idea. I realized that life is too short to waste such precious time wanting something so insignifcant--when we need to appreciate what we already have--family and friends. That was my way of getting over this thing or so I thought...Exactly two days later, I received a check for a substantial amount in the mail from a private source needless to mention and my dream became a reality! The very next day, I was driving that gorgeous black 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GT with dual exhaust, power moonroof and tinted windows! I knew that from that day on, I would keep my car clean and shiny!! I am very glad I have kept my car clean and waxed regularly--it still looks as good as the day I bought it. I couldn't be more pleased! I suggest everyone take a moment and reflect upon the day you got your vehicles--bet you'll smile!!! What's your story?

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