I'm probably coming in a bit late in the conversation but my absolute favorite jewelry has to be yellow gold.

Rings: I love anything with diamonds especially with platinium settings since it is stronger than gold. I hate my birthstone, which is a Topaz so that generally leaves out the possibility of people buying me jewelry with my birthstone in it.

Necklaces: I love yellow gold and pearls although the one necklace I wear all the time on a daily basis has a black leather cord with an earth clay rune marked with the symbol for knowledge, wisdom, and creativity.

Bracelets: I don't wear at all. I find them cumbersome. I have a few but I only wear them on special occasions. I guess that explains the reason I have a tattoo on my left upper wrist instead. It can't get caught in clothing and doesn't move about on my wrist. I do wear a watch when I go out though but it has a leather band that I can tighten to prevent it from moving around.

Body Jewelry: Until I had to remove my navel piercing, it was in surgical steel; however, if I can get the nose piercing I want, I will be getting a gold screw-type jewelry that is a European type that has no nickel in it. I want a clear diamond in the piece that will show against the side of my nose. I want something dainty and sexy, not gawdy and cheap.

I have to admit that when it comes to jewelry, I can be somewhat of a snob. I love yellow gold earrings or diamonds but mostly I love the dangling ones in gold as long as they have an elegant appearance to them.


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