My little tank is 15 gal - although my daughter tells me she wants the 15 gal back & I'll have to downsize to a 10 gal. In it I have one betta, 2 cories, 2 ottos & 1 dwarf frog. There used to be some ghost shrimp in it too, but I think the frog ate them, so I'll have to get more. There are a few plants and right now 1/2 the bottom is sand & the other 1/2 is aquarium gravel. I want to get more sand & have sand for the entire bottom when I downsize (guess that will be this weekend since I've off work for a couple of days). If you don't have a lot of room, this is a great mix to have in a small aquarium as its fascinating to watch the variety.

Is there anything else that I could add to make it even more interesting? - Or will the 10 gal be filled to capacity?